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Based in Redmond, Washington

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TBD (Est. Feb 2013)

PC / Mac / Linux / XBLIG


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A Top-Down 3D Labyrinth game, where you must collect keys to escape. Choose one of 4 unique character classes and enter the maze. To succeed you must avoid traps, fight enemies, use powerups, all to collect keys and unlock a gate to freedom! But time is of the essence, when the clock starts to run out, and dragon breaths fire into the middle of the maze, that billows outward slowly destroying everyone who hasn't escaped. Escape as fast as you can to earn the most points and win the match!


Long ago, in a distant land, war waged. Magic met metal in a clash of . People in the battle ravaged lands of Kalopus must find something to take thier minds off of the battles outside of thier borders. Their royalty decides they must glorify battle, entertaining and motivating their people to keep their minds occupied, to suppress possible rebellion. Thus, they create the "Battle Square", a labyrinth like arena where subjects of the kingdom compete in a tournament for eternal glory.


  • Play as one of 4 character classes: Archer, Mage, Thief and Warrior
  • Collect keys to unlock your escape from the Labyrinth!
  • Unlock doors to gather Traps, and taunt the crowd for Powerups
  • Battle online or LAN in up to 8 player combat
  • Enjoy 4 player splitscreen on all platforms!
  • Fight through the single player campaign solo or in 2 player co-op
  • Customize your character with thousands of combinations
  • Unlock extras like Dungeon Divers, an 8 player, board game, mini-game


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      Algitt Studios is a small, one man, Redmond based Video Game Startup, created in 2008. Currently specializing in Download Distributable games, formerly working in Contract game services.

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      Lock Break Battle Credits

      Stephen Scott
      Solo Developer, Algitt Studios

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