About Algitt

    In 2008, Founder, Stephen Scott, decided he wanted to make games his way and opened up a studio.  Algitt Studios LLC was born, and opened its doors in late 2008.  Algitt (pronounced AL - GET) is an Indie Video Game Development company, in Redmond WA, USA.

Algitt was created with the purpose of developing many different genre of games.  With a focus around Co-Operative Play, Replayability, and Fun as pillars to build around as the studio developed.  Algitt currently develops games for the PC, Mac, and Xbox 360 (through the Xbox Live Indie Games service), but Algitt is always looking to expand to more platforms.

Game History

Algitt released its first game, ManaGen in March 2009.  ManaGen held the #5 Most Downloaded Action Puzzle Game on Download.com for several weeks.  ManaGen was a testrun for the company, looking to see how much quality they could pack into a short project (only a 4 week turnaround).

In October 2011, Algitt released its second game, Endless Princess, on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel.

We are currently performing Contract Art Services for Exato Game Studios, as well as working on two 3D titles, Lock Break Battle (XBLIG/PC) and Orc Brigade (PC).





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