Endless Princess (Xbox Live Indie Games, October 24th 2011)

A 2D Action Runner, how long can you last in your never ending quest to free the princess?!

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In Development

Lock Break Battle (XBLIG/PC, Early 2012)

An 3D 8 Player Arena Escape.  Spring traps and attack your foes to gain keys to escape the maze, but you better hurry who knows what will happen if you don't get out in time! (Powered by Sunburn 2.0 Game Engine)


Orc Brigade (PC, 2012)

A 3D Reverse Tower Defense Game (powered by Torque3D)





For Exato Game Studios LLC

Progenitor (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

Developed All of the 3D Character and Prop Assets (Animation, Modeling, Rigging, Skinning, and Texturing, as well as all Buildings and Vehicles) and Environment redesign/texturing and Cinematics.


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Unannounced Title

Handling PC Networking Code, developing all Environment Textures, Character Assets (Animation, Modeling, Rigging, Skinning, and Texturing) and Gameplay programming.


Exato Game Studios




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