Endless Princess

Developed in XNA 4.0

"How long can you last in your never ending quest to free the princess?! Defeat enemies, cheat death, and grab potions all in an attempt to make it to the highest difficulty, and with it, the top of the highscores!"

Endless Princess is a single player action runner.  Your goal is to rack up the highest score, through defeating enemies that are color coded to the face buttons on the xbox 360.  The XYAB are your only controls, with them you can use your shield, grab onto flags, attack enemies, jump, and reach out for Potion bottles that our trapped princess might hold out for you if you are lucky enough to survive long enough to catch a glimpse of her.

Development of EP took roughly 9 months, as everything (music, art, programming, sound fx, music) was all done in house.  If you the fans like it, Endless Princess could always see a sequel.  It is available now on Xbox Live in the Indie Games channel, or directly on the xbox.com website.  Pick it up, for only a dollar we hope its worth your time!

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